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Five Factors to make pricing easy!

Location: The location of the print on the shirts determine price, with a front left chest printed shirt being the cheapest, to a full front, full back print being higher in cost.(examples above) Factors are based on ink cost and how many print locations you choose on the shirt. Printing 50 shirts front and back is like printing 100 since they have to be printed twice. Sleeve prints are available.

Color: Picking the color of a shirt or garment affects price. White shirts are always the lowest priced shirts, along with ash grey being second. Bright colored shirts tend to be priced just a little more.

Sizes: The big price diference of shirt sizes is on 2X shirts or larger. They are normally an additional $1.50 to $2.00 per shirt, the higher prices are due to more cotton needed in producing them for larger sizes. Youth shirts through adult XL sizing is the same price, in most cases.

Shirt: The choice of shirts or garments are a factor in price, there are three examples (product options tab) of shirt quality with the 5250 Tagless 6.1 as the best priced shirts, the 5180 Beefy-T and Nano T are price about a $1 more. These are all quality shirts. We quote pricing on quality shirts of at least the 5250 style, be sure you know what your getting in a price quote from other vendors. We can provide samples upon your request.

Quantities: This is one of the main factors in price. A order of one piece to 12 shirts are the highest in price. Price breaks start at 48 pieces and continue at 144 pieces. This is based on the manufactors piece, dozen, and case price scale.

Recommendations: The most common shirts ordered are full front prints. It allows them to get a full colored image at a great price. The second most ordered shirt is front left chest and full back. Most fundrasier and 5K Run type of events that sell their event shirts to raise money tend to order the 5250 style shirts printed with this location. They have had some success by offering full color sponsor logos printed on the shirts. Sponsors will pay more for there logo in full color on a shirt. The key to a great shirt is great artwork. With the options available today these can be achieved easier than you think. Don't settle for the old basic one color look, we can print full color for the same price as other vendor one color prints! Check out our website for examples of designs. Short sleeve shirts prices range on average from $6 to $10 based on the factors above.

Price Quotes: To get a fast quote, please submit the following information.

1. Location of design:__

2. Pick Color of shirt:__

3. Size scale__

4. Style # of shirt:__

5. Quantities:__       

Send to:  finals22@aol.com  Copy and paste #1 thru #5 info to email or call 803-429-3476

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